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3:15  Min. / 2020

A hot summer day, a family, a game - what could possibly go wrong?

"Tabu" tells in 3 refreshing minutes what some people may need half their lives for: the inadequacy of interpersonal communication, bundled in the dramaturgy of a board game. An initially harmless parlor game, the aim of which is to rewrite words as quickly as possible, turns out to be a concentrated family drama in which the unsaid becomes an increasingly large mental cinema. Who is playing with whom, who understands what?
A power imbalance placed in the alleged allotment garden idyll of the average family - cards on the table!


Up and Coming Filmfestival Hannover 2021

Bastalavista International Genre Film Festvial Hannover 2021

Festival of Nations Lenzing 2021 * WINNER Jury Prize of Lenzing *

Karlovci Film Fest 2021

Film Festival MV 2021

Paris Film Festival 2021 * Honorable Mention *

London Shorts 2021 * Nominee *

Zeitimpuls Film Festival Vienna 2021

IKFF Hamburg 2021

Film Festival Bremen 2021

IE Short Film Festival Madrid 2021

Lulea International Shortfilm Festival * WINNER *

Vinilonga International Shortfilm Festival * WINNER * Audience Award 2021

Sweden Film Awards

Queen Palm International Film Festival * WINNER *

Barcelona Indie Filmmakers Festival BARCIFF 2020

180 Berlin Film Festival 2020

Awesome short film nights 2020

Eastern Europe Film Festival 2020

Get it Made Film Festival 2020

With: Cornelius Obonya, Alina Schaller, Karin Steger, Friedolin Steger

Director, Script & Editing: Olga Kosanović

Camera & Grading: Valentin Lilgenau

Tone & Mix: David Almeida-Ribeiro


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