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Comrade Tito, I inherit

27 min. / 2021

Distributed by Lemonade Films


FBW filmrating "Particularly valuable"

"Olga Kosanović was born and raised in Austria. But her grandparents live in Serbia, in a beautiful house with a garden on an idyllic mountainside. Together with her brother and mother, Olga now visits her grandparents to prepare the inheritance. And there is a lot that needs to be discussed. Where exactly is the water turned off? Are the lights on everywhere? Who takes care of the property? Or shouldn't it be better to sell everything? All these questions are negotiated, quite objectively, as casually. And yet it's in in every shot, in every little family conversation in this short documentary by Olga Kosanović, there is an enormous amount of warmth and closeness. And again and again a central concept floats in the room and in the air: homeland. What it is, where it is, how it feels. And how it is closely linked to the people who mean home.These universal terms allow viewers to connect regardless of cultural or national origin identify with the thoughts and questions. Kosanović includes herself in her film, talks to her family, but at the same time always keeps an observing distance. And through the title, which refers to the historical figure of the former Yugoslavian head of state, the film also points to the Yugoslavian conflict with intelligent reflection, which is still having an impact in the individual regions and the wound is far from healed. With COMRADE TITO, I INHERIT Kosanović has succeeded in making a documentary that masterfully combines personal concern and general validity. A very special film."

Nominated for the German Short Film Award 2021

Jury statement:
"A house with an orchard on an idyllic mountain slope in Serbia: There the filmmaker, who grew up and lives in Vienna, meets her mother, brother, grandparents, three generations under one roof. Her mother, who raves about her happy childhood under Tito, had Yugoslavia left for Austria during the war. A war that represents a chapter of recent history that has not yet been worked through and whose ruptures in the family history Olga Kosanović deals with in Comrade Tito, I inherit now. She immediately poses the fundamental question of what remains at the beginning. What should happen in the future with her inheritance, the house and property. What does home mean, what does being at home mean? A question that Olga can only ask in German so that her brother can understand it. The film is now being drawn in particular that he negotiates these weighty issues with great ease, cautiously, unobtrusively and with a personal approach . And casually, through his brother's casually interspersed comments, he poses fundamental questions about the meaning of authenticity in documentary film. Here we have a wonderfully successful example!"

40+ Festivals (Selection):

*WINNER* Austrian Filmprize 2022
*Nominee* German Short Film Award LOLA 2021

Oberhausen Short Film Festival, German Competition 2021 *WINNER* 3Sat Young Film Award 2021

Vienna Shorts, Austria, 2021

Diagonale Festival, Austria, 2021

KISFF Kyiv International Short Film Festival, 2021

FeKK Ljubljana Short Film Festival, 2021
Valladolid International Film Festival Seminci, 2021
Doxs! Dusiburg, 2021

KFFK Short Film Festival Cologne, Germany, 2021

dokumentarfilmwoche hamburg, 2022

A mountainside, an orchard, a house. Idyllic pictures in southern Serbia. Three generations under the roof of the house that is being prepared for its transmission. Everyone with their own heritage, but which everyone has to carry together - memories, fictions, what is there but has no place, what nobody wants and still doesn't let anyone go. An approach to history that becomes part of your own. Home is complicated, maybe inherit a burden and Tito becomes a symbol for something 

What has been - A cinematic examination of what remains.

With: Milivoje Pantovic, Nadezda Pantovic, Tanja Kosanovic, Valentin Kosanovic

Direction / Camera / Editing: Olga Kosanović

Dramaturgical advice: Daniela Kinateder

Mixing & Sound Design: David Almeida-Ribeiro

Grading: Lee Niederkofler

With the kind support of FFHSH Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein & HFBK Hamburg


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